Open Spectrum Bidding For Internet Usage

The government is trying to spread the word that in 2009, all television signals that are transmitted through the air are going to be terminated. All television signals at that time will be digital. When that happens, there will be an open section of the spectrum used to transmit all types of information through the air. Companies like Google are already trying to bid on some of these frequencies.

As of right now, the Internet is a big part of our lives, and that part may get even bigger. We can access the World Wide Web through our service providers, and some home phone services are now going through the Internet. A majority of these signals go through lines and wires, but some of it is going through the air. More space on the spectrum opening up could mean even more of these signals would be going through the frequencies of this spectrum.

If these frequencies are bought up or leased exclusively to private companies, prices could go up in some cases. There are some that would like to see an open spectrum that could be used by anyone willing to follow specific regulations on how to use it. For the consumer, an open spectrum could mean free use for telephone calls, or for Internet access that could reach almost any home within the United States.

Some politicians believe that an open spectrum would mean that more information could be freely shared, and that would be for the benefit of anyone with a way to access the Internet. With the freeing of frequencies coming up within the next year, people can only guess what is going to happen. Should Google buy up a large percentage of this open spectrum, the free access may not happen. However, that might just be what they have in mind.

Whatever happens, remember that phone calls are going through those Internet connections, and there may be more and more of these numbers should that spectrum open for free use.